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Equine Excellence

From Chronicle of The Horse, 1983.

Dr. Walter & Mr. Buckley.

Camden Horse Trails. Vancouver, B.C. 1st Advanced.
Los Angeles Equestrian Center Dr. Walter & IzaBella, 2 yr old Swedish Warmblood filly by Amiral, 2002 Cool August Nights Dressage Sport Horse Prospects.

Owned by
Tina Howland.
  Equine Library
  Los Angeles Equestrian Center Dressage Region 1
  Dr. Walter & Dartagnon, thoroughbred yearling colt, LAEC Dressage Region I, 2001

Today's horse is one of the most impressive actual sources of evolution in the history of the world.

Evolution is the ability of a creature or plant to adapt and more importantly to advance based on its environment. The horse, equus caballus evolved from a creature the size of a small four toed dog, scurrying about in the marshes into an animal that is capable of cutting fast cattle, jumping large obstacles, carrying a rider long distances or running varying distances at substantial speed.

We are the horses' environment. We control breeding, feeding, husbandry, even it's conditioning. In turn, the horse has turned many a poor farmer into a millionaire. The horse has also turned many a millionaire into a poor farmer.

What, and how, you handle your horses will dictate your success or failure! - Dr. Walter
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