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Beginning to professional levels of horsemen are welcome as we cover all divisions of equitation in the ongoing Applied Horse Husbandry series.

The series is made of 4 Segments plus 1 Summer Judging class in which we start with the front of the horse and move back. All classes can be taken out of sequence, and include hands-on seminars which take place outside the classroom.

All experience levels are welcome!
  Equine Library

CLICK INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS for full descriptions.

SEGMENT 1: Buying the right horse, grooming for sale, gait evaluation, leg soundness, injuries, treatment, and gear.

SEGMENT 2: Purchase conditions, using the horse to its best advantage, how they use their senses, farrier science, worming, injections, colic, common diseases and treatments.

SEGMENT 3: Anatomy and physiology of the stallion and mare, breeding, the use of genetics, artificial insemination, foaling, and intro to feeds and feeding.

SEGMENT 4: Feeds and feeding, more on foaling, anatomy of mouth and bits, anatomy of rear end, and introduction to training and performance horses.

SUMMER JUDGING: From the judges point of view: showmanship, halter, all styles of equitation, latest judging format and scoring systems.

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