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Classes include hands-on seminars for beginning horsemen, horsemanship, and horse handling.


Judging emphasis on showmanship and halter, all styles
Equitation, both English and Western
What to look for in the Western pleasure horse
What to look for in the Hunter under saddle
Courses and patterns
Scoring systems as presented at the International Judges seminar, Oklahoma City 2001
Dressage Seminar / Judging Seminar
  Subject and dates of live seminars may vary.

Dr. Walter guides participants in this course designed for those interested in the judge's and exhibitor's point of view.

For all ages from the junior exhibitor and up. Information includes a judging emphasis on showmanship and halter, all styles of English and Western equitation, and the latest judging format (i.e. the current scoring system given at the "judges council" for Showmanship, Trail, Equitation and Western Riding). Also, the current scoring system for judging halter horses.

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